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Automation Systems and Training 

The following pictures represent a sampling of the type of Automation System projects that RTC has designed and manufactured.

ControlLogix Training Workstations with Operator Interface Box

ControlLogix Training Workstations mounted to the top of an Operator Interface box containing I/O switches and lights, photo eyes, distributed I/O and pneumatics. This system runs on a DeviceNet network.

ControlLogix Training Workstations with PanelView

Identical ControlLogix Training Workstations as shown above with  a PanelView PV1000C monitor system added.

Desktop SLC500 Training Workstation with Operator Interface Box

Desktop/portable Training Workstations featuring a processor box with a SLC500 and an Operator Interface box with I/O lights, pushbuttons, selector switches, along with digital and analog I/O. This unit also features a PanelView 600. All Processor and Operator Interface boxes can be custom configured to your specifications.

DeviceNet Switchbox

Switchbox featuring four switches and four indicator lights. This unit was designed to communicate over a DeviceNet network.

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ControlLogix Training Workstations with PanelView

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