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Russell Technologies Corporation is a Total Engineering Solutions Provider. RTC is available to work with you as you take your product from concept through production and can guide you through the steps to make your project a success.  As with all of our products and services, RTC engineers provide clients with industry leading service that is priced competitively.

Total Engineering Solutions

  • Design and Engineering for Automation Systems

  • Mechanical Design and Drafting including component and fixture design

  • Control and hardware interfacing

  • Component and system documentation--RTC engineers can take your ideas and sketches and transform them into working drawings

  • Writing, editing and troubleshooting ladder logic programs

  • Conversion of paper documentation to electronic documentation (CAD) - RTC engineers will redraw your existing hand-drawn prints and provide you with both a new print as well as an electronic copy of every drawing that can be easily modified as needed in the future.

  • Shock and Vibration testing

  • Shipping specification and testing

  • Environmental testing

  • Remote and local data logging and retrieval

  • Assembly services for electromechanical systems

Russell Technologies Corporation engineers have experience in many industrial environments including design and documentation of machined metal and plastic parts, injection molded components and sheet metal components. Our engineers are well versed in the latest techniques and components and can readily suggest the most effective solution to your design issue.

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