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Russell Technologies Corporation provides week-long, customized Industrial Training classes specializing in PLC programming and troubleshooting, Man Machine Interface (MMI), and AC/DC drives and motor controls. RTC instructors have trained at some of today's leading corporations and are regarded as some of the best in the industrial training business.


Russell Technologies has been successful by providing clients with customized training designed for specific applications. Our instructors are encouraged, at the client's request, to modify the content of our standard classes to match the client's needs. RTC instructors will review ladder logic prior to the beginning of the class and will design exercises and examples that are relevant to the client's business. Additionally, RTC training workstations can be customized prior to class with the same type of hardware that is present in the client's facility.

  • Customized classes using actual ladder logic from the client's plant equipment

  • Training workstations with customized hardware and software to match client's facility


RTC instructors are regarded as some of the best in the business. They are professional, well versed, experienced and comfortable training in a variety of industrial environments. Our instructors, when necessary, are available to provide training during off-shifts and on weekends to ensure cohesive training for all employees.

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