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Automation Systems and Training 

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Russell Technologies engineers have worked in a wide variety of industrial environments and are ready to put their knowledge to work for you. Their skill level and experience will ensure you obtain a cost effective, innovative solution to your need. Our Automation Systems group is ready to meet the challenge of designing a system to your specifications.

  • Custom designed and manufactured electrical panels and control boxes

  • Large or small electronic enclosures

  • Configurable training workstations for PLC, sensor, pneumatic or motor control training

  • Constructed with the highest quality components from Allen-Bradley, Turck, Banner, InterlinkBT, Siemens and other major manufacturers.

ControlLogix Training Workstations with PanelView

Russell Technologies Corporation

ControlLogix Training Workstations

ControlLogix Training Workstations with Operator Interface Box

Hopper Control Box

Inside view of control box with PanelView

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